Paducah native and LGBT Christian recording artist, Justin Ryan, releases new single “Stand Closer” about social injustices and systemic racism


Justin Ryan

“Stand Closer”, BALM MUSIC

September 11, 2020


For Immediate Release


PADUCAH, KY — Paducah native and LGBT-Christian recording artist, Justin Ryan, announces his new single, “Stand Closer.” The song is a melodic cry about discrimination and police brutality against the Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

Along with the song’s debut, today also marks the release of the brand-new video for the single, proudly filmed in Paducah’s historic, 104-year-old, Columbia Theatre. The theatre is a beautiful and haunting backdrop for the message of the song and video concept.

“I’m excited about the release of ‘Stand Closer’ because it is a timely anthem that our country needs now, more than ever,” Ryan said.

The video casts a dark shadow on the history of social injustice and hopefully harks toward a promising future of equality for all Americans.

“Shooting a video in the historic Columbia Theatre was an honor, especially a video with such a powerful, positive, and timely message,” said Jon Walker, the director of the video.

The video is available on YouTube, today.

With music from Johnny and Rachel Stevens, “Stand Closer” was penned by Marsha Stevens-Pino, widely known as the first LGBT Christian artist and also recognized as the “Mother of Contemporary Christian Music.” She commented, “People who have not been part of a systemically oppressed group have such a struggle understanding.”

She adds “I thought, that’s it. Each of us is standing across the street watching someone else’s struggle, shaking our heads, but we’re not across the street WITH them. The ‘making gay people feel welcomed’ group had no straight pastors in it. The ‘interracial’ group had no people of color from our own congregation in it.”

Ryan shares, “As a member of the LGBTQ+ Community I have seen so much positive progress throughout my own life for the cause of equality, but we still have so much further we have to go.” He adds, “Also, as a Christian, I follow Jesus who said ‘Love God with all your heart soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.’ He calls us all to get out of our comfort zones and stand up for the oppressed. That’s why we must not be silent and join together peacefully to be the change that this world so desperately needs.” 

Ryan, a 2000 Reidland High graduate, and now a successful background vocalist and recording artist, has performed since the age of 18. To date, Ryan has released seven albums that all focus on Christian and uplifting messaging. He has also been included in two Grand Ole Opry compilation albums.

In late 2018, Ryan, along with his husband, happily moved back to Paducah to be closer to family.

The single is available for digital download on Ryan is gratefully donating 10% of all sales, to the beautiful backdrop of the video, the Columbia Theatre,

The single is also available on iTunes and other digital music platforms.




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