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The record was inspired by Ryan's current concert tour of the same name that focuses on the overwhelming number of  youth suicides provoked by bullying and rejection in the past several years.

"This album is a collection of songs that are near and dear to my heart," Ryan said. "It is a tribute to  marginalized youth all over the world who have felt rejected due to bullying."

"In recent years we have witnessed first hand the effects of bullying in our community and we lost some really special people whose potential was never fully realized," he said. "In September and October 2010 alone we lost 9 young adults, who took their own lives due to being bullied and rejected."

"This project is dedicated to the memory of those who took their lives so that the world
will know what they failed to know, and that is the simple fact that there is a community
of people who care about them and are still honoring their memory," Justin said.

The album features 12 songs, including a duet with legendary  Evangelist and Songwriter Marsha Stevens-Pino, as well as a number of resources for youth who may be struggling with bullying and rejection.

Track Listing
1. We All Wanna Be Loved
2. I've Been There
3. If You Were God
4. That's Not What I Meant
5. I'm Not The Enemy
6. You Found Me
7. The Blind Sparrow
8. Turn
9. Can You Reach Me From Here? (Duet with Marsha Stevens-Pino)
10. What if They Knew
11. Give Up The Ghost
12. When I Cannot Speak Your Name

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